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Limited Edition soy wax candles from . Don't miss out on your chance to get our limited edition 1502 Candles. Made in San Diego.

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Smoke Noir No. 06 *limited edition*

Smoke Noir No. 06 *limited edition*


smoke noir is velvety, rich, and mysterious with notes of vanilla, amber, wood, and smoke. this fragrance is reminiscent of curling up next to the hearth to keep warm during cold winter nights.

black candles are lit for protection against negative energy and evil. often used during samhain rituals to keep negative energies from the past out of the future. samhain (pronounced “sah-win”) comes from the celtic word "samhuinn" which means "summer's end”. celebrated on october 31st by burning bonfires, lighting candles, honoring the dead, and feasting - it is believed that on this day the veil between our world and the ghostly word is at it’s thinnest. many of our modern day halloween traditions can be traced back to this ancient gaelic festival.

  • recycled glass tumbler with branded composite natural cork topper

  • slow burning, all-natural, biodegradable soy wax grown by farmers in the US - NO paraffin

  • exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends

  • coreless cotton wick

  • hand-poured with love in small batches

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