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Limited Edition soy wax candles from . Don't miss out on your chance to get our limited edition 1502 Candles. Made in San Diego.

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pomme d'ambre *limited edition*

pomme d'ambre *limited edition*


pomme d’amber is it is the smell of autumn and winter without being overtly so. it’s luscious, refined, spicy and absolutely comforting. top notes of brazilian orange peel, middle of spicy clove and base of golden amber, oak cask and vanilla bourbon.

A pomander, from the French phrase pomme d'ambre, was a ball made for to hold perfumes during the middle ages till the 1700’s. They were carried or worn to freshen clothes, perfume the air, but also believed to protect the wearer from illness such as the plague. By the 17th and 18th centuries, pomanders were made by studding an orange or other fruit with whole dried cloves and became traditional Christmas and New Year’s decorations and gifts.

  • recycled glass tumbler with branded composite natural cork topper

  • slow burning, all-natural, biodegradable soy wax grown by farmers in the US - NO paraffin

  • exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends

  • coreless cotton wick

  • hand-poured with love in small batches

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