1502 Candle Co.

recycle & refill

Recycle & Refill your candle containers.

Recycled travel tin candle.

Visit 1502 Candle Co. at the shared space with Botanica Home and Garden - 1909 Cable St, San Diego, CA 92107.

Refill & Recycle.

Reduce your waste!

Bring in your cleaned candle containers for refills. (Feel free to email me for tips!) Cost is $5 + $1 per ounce (15oz jar= $20 refill). You can pick any fragrance you'd like!

Return your diffuser and mist bottles back to us and receive $2 off your next 1502 Candle Co. product.

We’re currently working on a recycle program. In the mean time, please reuse and recycle! Stay tuned for tips and ideas.