1502 Candle Co.




“What does “Fifteen-Oh-Two” stand for?” you might ask. “O” being the fifteenth letter in the alphabet and “B” the second, 1502 stands for Ocean Beach, the laid-back beach town our company calls home. Carefully curated and created, 1502 Candle Co has only the most distinct and natural fragrances. Using all-natural soy wax and the highest of quality fragrance and essential oils combined with recyclable and found containers create a unique candle for the nature loving home.

Caroline, the maker behind 1502, started creating candles in 2012. What started as a way to make fragrant and simple candles for her home, blossomed in to gifts for friends and family. Now you can find 1502 at various stores and local farmers' markets in San Diego and California.


Photo by Let's Frolic Together.